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 As overcomers, we know who we are and constantly remind ourselves that victory is non-negotiable. 
Rose features the award winning Meddy on this one.
 She has  other songs to her credit, some of which include SO GOOD, OCHEDU, THE NAME JESUS, FILL MY HEART.
M/M: by Gidberry
Prod:  Lightbeatz_classique
Beat: Somkeyz
East, West, North and South all we got is victory.
East West North and South, Adah no yi’cho anu gbe fi-ye ma lo
East West North and South. Him alone is wonderful.
East, West, North and South, alo jainya l’ocho. Anu gbe fi-ye ma lo
Abo one, abo two, 
Christ awo’che
Nke young eke je du kun ke w’oche……….
Alo jainya locho to the biggest Oche
 From the North to the South to the East and the West.
I no dey loose cos I get God I beat up my chest 
Nyufi kodadun owoicho dey kill my fears 
I dey look up to God you no fit see my tears
I gat a big God Agaba kole ku Judah
The same God that created You and I and Judah
We dey win on every side. We no fall hand like Judah
My God is awesome ake je ko ke awesome 
My God is awesome ake je ko ke awesome 
Opium maje Pete when I dey sleep with no food
Opium maje Pete when I dey sleep with no food
Put food on my table aje kun ke go school
I’m a testimony ache lum ma eke je
I’m a testimony ache lum ma eke jum
My blessings flow everyday pass river J.
Ocho le ya gam wune everyday be like holiday
Alo jainya l’ocho no ge che gam nyio yale.
My God too sweet oke l’onye fiu yale
From the north to the south to the east and the west 
No matter what we facing everyday we go dey yale!
What! Everday we go dey yale!!!
We overcome. 
Who can be against? Cos we rule the world, and we know who we are. 
And yes! We overcome. 
None can be against cos we rule the world.
We’re overcomers.
Alo jainya
Adah no yicho aw’oche
Jainya l’ocho 
Anu gbe fi-ye ma lo
Anu gbe fi-ye ma lo. Oh oh oh oh
We know who we are
We will never be afraid cos we got the promise we will never be alone!
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