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SYLLABUS OF NOW [Thippy Oluwanifemi]

SYLLABUS OF NOW [Thippy Oluwanifemi]
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SYLLABUS OF NOW [Thippy Oluwanifemi]

Thippy as popularly known is passionate about the reality and demonstrations of God in our days, just as it was in the bible days by striving for  the transforming power of God through  preaching and other graceful means like singing, theater art and book publishing. He has been a practical young minister, preaching the gospel and ministering to people  in rural, city, house to house/campus to campus  evangelism..Thippy Oluwanifemi Balogun...has proven to be  a similitude of Daniel and Joseph in his generation, with the life commitment of  helping men to manifest their God-given gifts faithfully on earth by being an instrument of inspiration, a light, illuminating generations with the message of righteousness, holiness and hope, exposing their eternal beauty for men to experience the supernatural realm. He has stayed determined to his life commitment with a  non-negotiable drastic, dimensional and dramatic driven passion to make JESUS  known by all means. This mandate is what has driven him to write books and released intimacy compelling songs, his latest book Cancer  of the soul is a fast selling book, also his recent released single track Hold my hands has been on the top downloading list on 9jagospel.com.ng

 He has exemplifies his love  for God and mankind by staying committed to kingdom service through touching, impacting and influencing lives positively by standing as mentor and counselor to many youths globally having been a  visionary of the Kingdom Gifts Global Ministries, a non-denominational and interdenominational ministry.. with the mandate of reflecting God's invisible kingdom on earth.  Also he is the  global cordinator of New Creation Fathers' Summit, envision to raise a new bread of Fathers that will father the next generations correctly, with  the mission of preparing young men for Fatherhood.


About The Song

There is a season

 In the life of man

that he should know

what he ought to do.

Between knowing and doing is Syllabus of Now。Hebrews 10:7。

This song was received in 15th Jan, 2017 at the redemption camp. I was in the camp for about 4months waiting and facing HIS face, at the same time attending RCBC(pastoral ministry course)。

At that time, I knew there is more to my life, but couldn't really figure out, Hebrew 10:7 and Romans 12:11 was imprinted upon my heart...

As my custom, usually, pray inside the new auditorium daily at 7pm~11pm...just to know and do HIS WILL during my NYSC and after NYSC.

Suddenly 。from within the belly of my spirit。。ipray~sang~Give to me the syllabus of Now, I want to do your will and want to do in your ways.

For a well pattern life!You need the syllabus of now.



Hebrews 10:7

Tongues chant's intro



There is a season

In the life of man

That he should Know

What he ought to do

As it is written

 in the syllabus of man..3x



Give to me the syllabus of now....

Give to me the syllabus of now... Jesus!

Give to me the syllabus of now

Give to me the syllabus of now.


Bridge 1

I just want to do it in your ways

I just want to do your will

I just want to do your will

Oh oh Lord...ooooo


Chorus repeat

Give to me the syllabus of now

Give to me the syllabus of now..

Give to me the syllabus of now

Give to me the syllabus of now.



Open my eyes let me see

Open my mind let me hear

As it is written in the volume of me...2x


Repeat chorus


I want to do your will...



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